“Ol’ McDonald had a farm…” How many times have we heard that old rhyme! However, have we ever felt a familiar tingle when we hear the part “With a bow wow here….” or “With a baaa baaa here….”?

As a kindergarten student, I used to sing it for the sake of it, but that changed since my visit to a farm two years ago. It was a proper English farm where this incident took place.

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Falling in love with the kitten


(This post follows ‘The kitten bonds with Vinod’ posted on 25 Mar 2017.)

With Vinod and the kitten bonding so well, I looked like an extra in my own house! I was still getting used to her ways. The kitten was primitive in nature. (Obviously she would be, but it was a different and new experience for me considering she is my first reciprocating and interacting pet!) She could neither control her hunger, nor her sleep. Playing, eating and sleeping is what she largely did, or still does.

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I like camels and enjoy riding them! I first experienced a camel ride almost a decade ago in Lonavala, Maharashtra. A few months ago, it was winter break at school. We had gone to Wahiba Sands, a desert in the eastern region of Oman, about 300 kms from Muscat. There were many camels there. Again, I got a chance to ride the ship of the desert.

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