Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 2


(This post follows ‘Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 1’ posted on 15 May)

Kittu is always behind the maid, carpenter, electrician, plumber etc. He follows them, explores their tools and observes their work. He is particularly in love with the maid; rather all the maids we have had yet. He enjoys catching and dodging the broom and the mop. Every time after the maid finishes sweeping the apartment, he walks through or sits on the accumulated dust. He also enjoys catching the loose ends of bed sheets, duvets and covers when the maid is spreading them. Thankfully, most of our maids have enjoyed the cute disturbances.  

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KitCat becomes legitimate


This post follows ‘It’s a boy! (And few other discoveries)’ posted on 25 Apr 2017

We returned to the veterinary clinic after a month or so. The doctor accepted KitCat for vaccination, microchipping and registration. It was a short and quick process. KitCat was given three injections; one for rabies, one combined injection for killing viruses that are known to cause feline rhinotracheitis, calici and panleukopenia and the last one for inserting the microchip. KitCat shrieked. He hissed and spat. He was very angry. Three injections were a lot to take in one go; the microchipping process must have hurt him a lot. The doctor also gave him a tablet for deworming.

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It’s a boy! (And few other discoveries)


(This post follows ‘The kitten gets a name’ posted on 15 Apr 2017)

We were reading a lot about how to care for KitCat’s health. We had started following animals’ groups and veterinary clinics on Facebook to get tips and useful information on caring for her. From all that, we gathered that in order for KitCat to be a lawful resident, we needed to register her with the local municipality. For that, we first needed to get her the mandatory rabies vaccine and then get her microchipped at a veterinary clinic. If a registered pet gets lost, it can be tracked and returned to its owner/s; others are likely to face unfortunate consequences.

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