Kittu Ki2 activity


It has been more than two years since we got Kittu in our lives. Even now, he is the same; naughty, naive, mischievous and playful. He is still his own favourite. The only thing that has changed is that he is not a lap cat anymore, although he is social.

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Kittu – a local hero!


(This post follows ‘A day in Kittu’s life’ posted on 5 Jul 2017)

As you know, Kittu is always behind the maid, carpenter, electrician and plumber. However, when children in our apartment building visit us to take a look at Kittu, he ignores them. He goes about his business as usual. That saddens the children.

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A day in Kittu’s life

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This post follows ‘Grooming Mr. KitCat’ posted on 25 Jun 2017)

Kittu has quite an eventful day. His basic routine includes sleeping, eating, grooming and going to the toilet. In addition, he has many extracurricular activities such as supervising the maid, checking grocery bags, following me around the apartment and lounging by the window. He walks around as if he has pending business! Continue reading


Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 2


(This post follows ‘Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 1’ posted on 15 May)

Kittu is always behind the maid, carpenter, electrician, plumber etc. He follows them, explores their tools and observes their work. He is particularly in love with the maid; rather all the maids we have had yet. He enjoys catching and dodging the broom and the mop. Every time after the maid finishes sweeping the apartment, he walks through or sits on the accumulated dust. He also enjoys catching the loose ends of bed sheets, duvets and covers when the maid is spreading them. Thankfully, most of our maids have enjoyed the cute disturbances.  

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