Kittu – a local hero!


(This post follows ‘A day in Kittu’s life’ posted on 5 Jul 2017)

As you know, Kittu is always behind the maid, carpenter, electrician and plumber. However, when children in our apartment building visit us to take a look at Kittu, he ignores them. He goes about his business as usual. That saddens the children.

When he goes up to them to sniff them, it scares the children. They start running in all directions in the room begging me to save them from a domestic cat that is only trying to get to know them and to whom they came to meet in the first place!

Despite all the drama they create, they come back to see Kittu. And, they don’t come alone. They gather their friends from other buildings too. However, on seeing Kittu, they start running again. They do that every time. They have never been able to muster enough courage to even touch or pet Kittu. It is surprising that the children of today are scared of a pet cat! In my childhood, I used to play with stray dogs!


Anyway, our opposite-door neighbour, a 3-year-old girl, has broken the standard of all rationale in this case. She is in love with Kittu. She always wants to see Kittu when she steps out of her flat and again before she steps in. Yet, when Kittu comes in front of her, she runs like a scared rabbit. That’s not all. In spite of her fear of Kittu, she demanded a kitten from her parents.

Her parents tried to balance their darling daughter’s wish with their practical approach to urban life by getting her a toy kitten exactly like Kittu and a carrier exactly like that of Kittu! She named her kitten too Kittu and came home to show my Kittu her new Kittu! She even wanted to stuff my Kittu in the toy carrier with her Kittu and take them both to her apartment! How cutely nonsensical is that!

It turns out that Kittu is well-known amongst all children in the building. Our maid told us that people don’t know us, but they know Kittu and where he lives! I gather that Kittu is someone everyone likes but is too afraid to approach. Now, only if my ball of fluff knew that. It would be such a great boost to his fragile ego!


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