A day in Kittu’s life

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This post follows ‘Grooming Mr. KitCat’ posted on 25 Jun 2017)

Kittu has quite an eventful day. His basic routine includes sleeping, eating, grooming and going to the toilet. In addition, he has many extracurricular activities such as supervising the maid, checking grocery bags, following me around the apartment and lounging by the window. He walks around as if he has pending business!

When the maid comes, he gets busy running behind her. It doesn’t matter whether he is sleeping in his favourite spot or playing with us. As soon as the maid comes, he leaves what he is doing and goes behind her with enthusiasm. He follows her to every room and disturbs her in what she is doing. When she keeps him out of any room, he cries to be let in. Our maid said that she feels being ‘supervised’ by Kittu! I replied, “Of course you are; your salary depends on his report!”

However, when the maid touches his cat tree, his toys or his litter tray,  he hits her angrily. Our maid rightly retorts, “Will you clean your litter tray?” She speaks to Kittu in English. She often requests him to “get up” or “please go”. She speaks as if he can not only hear her but would also comply obediently!

After I come from office, Kittu follows me everywhere; specially to the kitchen. Many times, I didn’t know that he had followed me. I walked out closing the door behind me. When I couldn’t find him in the hall, I realised that he is probably in the kitchen. What’s odd is instead of calling to be let out, he starts exploring the cabinets!

When grocery or packaged food is delivered, Kittu immediately reaches the bags. His curiousness doesn’t let him rest until he peeps in and takes a good look at its contents. Vinod calls it the ‘Kittu quality check’!

He spends a lot of time by the window, specially after his meals. He relaxes as he looks at life pass by. When a bird temporarily settles on the sill, he gets excited. He wants to have it. When it flies away, he lets out a disappointed waa and I offer him a consoling hug.

When he sits on the fridge, he can touch the magnets. That reminds him to disturb their arrangement. After that, he might jump on to other tables and shelves in the flat and push down things that we might have accidentally left there.

Kittu also spends some time catching shadows and rays and reflections of light. He also chases flies and other seemingly imaginary items! He never manages to catch any, but the zealous effort is hilarious. Sometimes, he sits in a corner and appears to be thinking and worrying about his future!

Every day, Kittu gets belly rubs. Whether we are dashing off to office or have just returned from office, he lies down in front of us for his hearty share of a belly rub. He is most active at night. The same toys that he stared at or ignored all day, suddenly become a force of attraction! And he is all over the place playing his version of hockey!

We don’t take Kittu out a lot. In fact, the few times that I tried to take him out, he refused to enter the lift. He darted towards our apartment. He likes to wander and explore only the corridors although he has often shown interest in going out directly from the balcony. The only problem is that I am incapable of doing that. He and I are house-animals!


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