Spotted Kittu yet?!

(This post follows ‘Get set, gobble and gulp’ posted on 5 Jun 2017)

Kittu sleeps in the weirdest ways and in the weirdest places. You might remember from ‘The Kitten bonds with Vinod’, that Vinod had bought him a colourful basket with a cute cushion to sleep in. But that is not the only place he sleeps in.

He sleeps on the sofa, our bed, dining chairs, wooden stool, side table, his cat tree and in his carrier too. We didn’t want him on our bed, but he is not one to relent. We had to accept him sleeping next to us. Sometimes, he sleeps on the floor. He would be walking casually when he stops suddenly and lies down on the floor. We don’t understand how can one stop walking suddenly and lie down in a change of plan as quick as that?! It looks as if he is playing dead. We call that the ‘ghayal sipahi’ or the ‘injured soldier’ pose.

In addition, he also sleeps on the shoe rack and the book shelves. As if, those were not enough, he even grabbed my fruit baskets to sleep in. Yes, Kittu grabbed and robbed me of my fruit baskets. He clears fruits from the basket and settles his cute fluffy butt in it. I had no option but to surrender my baskets to him; one of them was given to me by my friend Niharika when I visited her in Assam in 2007.

Kittu is a gadget freak. Electronic gadgets have a special use in his life; he sleeps on them. We have seen him sleeping comfortably on the fridge, laptops, TV remotes, mobile phones and printer.

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Twice it happened that when I returned from office, I couldn’t find him anywhere. He was then a baby. I looked for him everywhere; under the side table, under the dining table and even in the bathroom. I couldn’t find him. I was very scared. I wondered if my maid let him out by mistake or someone stole him. I was very angry at Kittu for having disappeared from my life suddenly.

I kept shouting his name. At that time, I didn’t know that he is deaf. However, after a while, he emerged from behind the fridge stretching lazily. I was shocked to find that he had been sleeping in a niche behind the fridge! I think he found it warm and cosy. I immediately blocked his way. On the other occasion, he had slept on the sofa, but beneath the sheet.

We don’t mind Kittu sleeping anywhere he likes as long as he is safe and comfortable, but we don’t understand how he can be comfortable in the baskets with its strands poking him? Vinod joked that maybe his criteria for choosing a sleeping space is that the surface should be uneven, pointy and poking and the space should be cramped! However, his sleeping postures are weirder. Take a look!

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Who sleeps like that?! And how can one be comfortable in those positions? Doesn’t he ever have a back ache or a neck sprain?!

Kittu sleeps for few hours every few hours. He sleeps as if he has had a hard day’s work. He looks very innocent and vulnerable while sleeping. It melts my heart. He is a light sleeper though. It might be for having to be ready for any threats any time; it’s probably an animal instinct. He is most active at night.


Kittu is quite a poser. He has won many a heart just by sitting stylishly. Many a times he has gotten away from being punished for his antics just by sitting pretty and looking cute! Here are some pictures of Kittu striking our favourite pose. 

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These days, he sits on the fridge for most part of the day. He refuses to come down. We had got him the cat tree so that he would stop going up on the book shelf and fridge, but now he climbs on the cat tree to go up on the fridge.

When he comes down to our level, he sits in boxes. Like all cats, he loves boxes, bags and all sorts of containers – of all sizes and shapes. We don’t throw boxes till he has sat in them, played with them and scratched them to shreds. When he was a baby, if he wanted to get into a bag, he would jump on it, instead of jumping into it! On other occasions, when he had managed to find the opening, he goes head in first. He just plops in and sits there until airlifted.

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His other favourite place is the clothes’ stand. He doesn’t just sit; he settles down, as if he belongs there. The look of satisfaction on his face is something to capture with your own eyes!

At night, he likes to sneak into the shoe rack and sit there and probably take a quick nap too. We never know where Kittu could be at any given time. Hence, when we are looking for him, we have to look for him in all places – likely and unlikely.


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