Get set, gobble and gulp


Kittu sits outside the kitchen almost all day

(This post follows ‘Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 2’ posted on 25 May 2017)

Kittu is a foodie to the core! He is always hungry. Well, he might be hungry also because he is bored, but his interest in food cannot be denied! Most of the time he sits in front of the kitchen door. I guess he fears he might miss out on his kibbles. 

When he is sitting in the hall and lazing and sees me heading to the kitchen, he gets up with enthusiasm and runs towards the kitchen! In the kitchen, he tries to dig his transparent kibbles’ box open with his claws!

He even wakes up from his sleep when he smells food. A few times, he has eaten food back to back (Vinod and I both put food not knowing that he had already eaten) with the same level of interest and hunger.

Kittu likes to eat all kinds of factory food. We have tried dry and wet food from Royal Canin, Whiskas, Friskies, Purina and Happy Cat. He has eaten all with fervor and relish. His food typically contains chicken, turkey, beef and tuna. These days, we have started adding boiled egg and yogurt to his diet. This is to reduce his intake of factory food and to provide him a balanced and nutritious diet. He enjoys those too. After every meal, he smacks his lips with such obvious satisfaction as if it was the best meal he has ever had!

Kittu is a well-fed cat. Yet, there is a problem every time we sit to eat. He looks at us with hunger in his eyes and water in his mouth, even though he has just had his food. He strategically walks along the walls and then comes close to us to take a peek at our plates. He tries to get a whiff of its contents and if allowed would probably stick his mouth in it too! He makes us feel very guilty. When we don’t share our food with him, the smart cat goes to his plate and licks the imaginary leftovers (there never is any as he licks his plate enough to not leave a trace of what he had) to pacify his craving.


Kittu sleeping on his food container

When our family friend Mayur Lookhar had visited us in December 2016, even he said that it’s difficult to eat around Kittu. There’s one thing funny about Kittu though. After smelling my food, when he discovers that it is vegetarian and not of his interest, he walks away! Such attitude!

There have been many instances of Kittu tearing open wet-food pouches (I don’t know how he knows the contents) when we were not paying attention and relishing the juicy pellets. He has fished out discarded packets from the dustbin too! Once, he was trying hard to open the huge Happy Cat super-saver sack. Again, I don’t know how he knew what was inside. When I discovered I put it away in the cupboard. He waa-ed all night!


Waiting outside the kitchen with his food bowl…

However, the good thing about him is that he never jumps up to snatch food from our hands; he waits patiently near his fixed spot for eating. In fact, a couple of times when we kept his food bowl in a different place, he was confused. He smelt the food but he didn’t eat it. He looked at his bowl and then looked at his usual spot, probably wondering why it was not kept there. Since then, we have not changed his eating spot.

Once, I put egg pieces for him in a new plate. He smelt the egg. He knew it was his food. Yet, instead of eating it, he started playing his version of hockey with it. I had to put the egg in his old bowl for him to know that it had to be eaten.


Kittu asking for more egg after eating it for the first time…

Since Kittu is always hungry, he wants to be fed on time. Earlier, he used to ‘waa’. These days, he has started banging his bowl or plate on the ground for attention! He is being so naughty!

Kittu hardly drinks water. Besides, he is more interested in drinking water that is fallen on the floor and from other containers such as flower vases than drinking from his dedicated bowl. He has even tried to drink water from the dispenser.

We have discovered that Kittu likes milk more than he likes water. He can drink more milk in one go that he can drink water in an entire day. He drinks milk fast; he is unstoppable while licking milk. He seems to have an unquenchable thirst for milk.

While eating or drinking, he literally gets absorbed. His face and neck are in the bowl or plate. Truly, food and milk are amongst the few things that make Kittu happy. The other is mischievous play in which he must win!

Enjoy this ‘Posse cat’ video. Kittu is much like Tom in this story. 🙂


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