Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 2


(This post follows ‘Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 1’ posted on 15 May)

Kittu is always behind the maid, carpenter, electrician, plumber etc. He follows them, explores their tools and observes their work. He is particularly in love with the maid; rather all the maids we have had yet. He enjoys catching and dodging the broom and the mop. Every time after the maid finishes sweeping the apartment, he walks through or sits on the accumulated dust. He also enjoys catching the loose ends of bed sheets, duvets and covers when the maid is spreading them. Thankfully, most of our maids have enjoyed the cute disturbances.  

Similarly, Kittu doesn’t let us also do any of our chores peacefully. When I go towards the kitchen, he reaches there before me as if he is going to open the door. In my haste to come out before he enters, I have accidentally stepped out of the kitchen and closed the door behind me not realising that Kittu had followed me and that I have left him alone in the kitchen.

I used to discover that only when I couldn’t find him in the hall. When I used to go back to get him out, I would see him exploring the cabinets. On seeing me, he would quit his survey apologetically. However, these days (I still sometimes lock him in the kitchen by mistake) I find him on the platform and sometimes even on the chimney determined to go further up! He refuses to get down!

Any cabinet, shelf, cupboard or bag I am about to open, he’s there! When I want to pack, he’s there on the bag and then in the bag. When I open the cupboards he sneaks in. When I spread the mat to do yoga, he comes and settles on it before I can do anything. He spreads himself on our bed also.

He wants to explore everything and every place in the apartment. He sniffs it and then scratches or bunts his neck to leave his scent! This way, he has claimed almost everything in our home! However, his deepest desire and ambition is yet unfulfilled; to climb up on the wardrobe and to go behind it. He tries this almost every day. He measures distances and makes strategies. Because of his indomitable spirit, his high jumps now take him to more than half the height of the wardrobe!

Kittu also wished to step into the racks of the book shelf, but was stopped when he bumped into the glass door! I wonder if something is wrong with his vision too. He cannot see kibbles either. He sniffs to find whether there are still any remaining and ascertain their location before using his tongue to lift them to his mouth.

As much as he seems to be daring, sometimes, his reaction is quite contrary. During his routine rendezvous with items in the apartment, when an item falls or breaks, he fleds from the crime scene at top speed! As if to show that he was never there when the incident happened! While he regularly catapults brooms and mops, he has broken many items including an ostrich egg that we had got from South Africa and some miniature statues from Italy.

He has a stupid side too. When he is standing by a door that is ajar, he doesn’t know whether to push it or pull it to come out.


It is also funny to see him watch TV. He stands right below the TV and watches it from the closest distance possible. That’s why he can’t focus on the whole picture. Usually, he only follows that part of the scene that moves a lot – such as the hands of the actors. Kittu follows the hand movements with quick head bobbles. That is the cutest thing! 

Earlier, I used to find it hard to believe the crazy and funny things the pets did as shown on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’. However, after observing Kittu, my opinion has changed.


5 thoughts on “Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 2

  1. Kittu is a total entertainer. No doubt about it. But Sapana. have described it so well, I can actually visualise everything and feel Kittu around me. Great job.

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