Kittu – an entertainment package – Part 1


This post follows ‘KitCat becomes legitimate’ posted on 5 May 2017

We knew that cats are interactive and responsive animals, but we didn’t know that they are entertaining too until Mr. KitCat or our very own Kittu came along. Kittu represents naughtiness, naivety and is full of antics. It is a deadly combination. There is never a dull moment at our home. Every hour is happy hour!

Kittu likes to play with ribbons, threads and feathers. He likes to stop, hold and put in his mouth, dangling and swaying objects which include the loose ends of my skirts, gowns, shrugs, scarves and capes. For that matter, he even wants to stop the rotation of the washing machine!


As you know from ‘The kitten bonds with Vinod’, Kittu has many toys. But he enjoys the most when he plays with these particular items: an old zip, plastic spoons, random plastic objects, paper bands and crumpled paper balls! And what does he play? His own version of hockey; pushing and driving the objects with one paw and then the other accompanied by intermittent somersaults.

He plays till he gets tired; sometimes, he plays even when he is panting. When the items go under the fridge, he doesn’t ask for help. He struggles with his short limbs to get them out on his own. Sometimes, he stealthily pounces on his toys. Why? Are they going to run or hide from him?! Not only that, he even charges his toys. He gets so engrossed in playing; it is de-stressing to watch him play. It’s really amazing how he can play alone and stay entertained. I feel happy to see him happy.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.06.37 PM

Where’s my zip?!

You might also remember that Kittu loves to indulge in playful fighting and biting. When we start fighting with him, he gets excited. His pupils get dilated. Sometimes, his pupils get dilated before we start playing. That’s a sign of invitation to play with him. Sometimes, in excitement he opens his mouth wide! And that’s a cute happy face. 🙂

When he wants to bite us, he grabs our hand or foot with both his paws, closes his eyes and relishes our meat! In between, he even licks us. It seems as if this is bringing him renewed interest in life. It is as if this is what he is living for.  

The other game that he enjoys a lot is hide and seek. He can play this game at any time. All we need to do is peek at him from our hiding place. That’s it; he’s charged to seek us. Much like this ninja kitty!

Even if he would be sitting lazily, when he sees us hiding or peeking through the narrow opening between the door and its frame, he gets up with enthusiasm to find out what’s happening! And when we close the door, Kittu bends down to look from the gap between the door and the floor as if to spy or eavesdrop. Vinod terms this feline FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!  

The sister-game of hide and seek is stare and attack! I have often caught Kittu staring at me. It’s spooky. His next step usually is to sneak up to me; much like a tiger on the prowl. Is it fair and smart to treat the one who feeds you like this?! I wonder what Kittu has to say on that.

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Kittu has no sense of time and urgency. Whether we are dashing off to office or lost in dreams in the middle of the night, when he is in the mood to play, he lets out that special call. What do we do, you ask? Duty beckons, but sleep seduces. 😉


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