KitCat becomes legitimate


This post follows ‘It’s a boy! (And few other discoveries)’ posted on 25 Apr 2017

We returned to the veterinary clinic after a month or so. The doctor accepted KitCat for vaccination, microchipping and registration. It was a short and quick process. KitCat was given three injections; one for rabies, one combined injection for killing viruses that are known to cause feline rhinotracheitis, calici and panleukopenia and the last one for inserting the microchip. KitCat shrieked. He hissed and spat. He was very angry. Three injections were a lot to take in one go; the microchipping process must have hurt him a lot. The doctor also gave him a tablet for deworming.

Then, KitCat was ready to be registered. I presented my UAE government-issued ID card and then, he was registered under my name. He was issued a yellow coin-like tag bearing the type of animal he was (C for cat), his permanent registration number and the year of registration. For KitCat’s security, we always keep the tag attached to his collar. He was also issued a vaccination record. This is his official health and identification document as it also carries details about his microchip. KitCat became a legitimate inhabitant of the UAE. 🙂

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We learnt that microchipping is done only once. The de-worming tablet is to be given every three months until KitCat becomes two years old. The injections for feline rhinotracheitis, calici and panleukopenia and rabies are to be given every year; only then, his registration would be renewed. The details of these vaccines must be entered in the document and the clinic or the hospital must stamp it.

After we returned from the veterinary clinic, KitCat was very low. He hardly played or ate. He just sat in his carrier. This went on for about 3-4 days. We felt very sad to see him like that. We wondered why we got him vaccinated and microchipped if he had to suffer like this. We tried to comfort ourselves that the vaccinations etc. were essential for his good health in the long run. For that, we had to put up with this temporary downtime.


KitCat in his carrier with his toys

However, I couldn’t take it anymore. I called the doctor and told him about KitCat’s status. He informed me that these were normal symptoms after the vaccinations. He advised me to wait for a day; if KitCat didn’t get active, then I could bring him to the clinic. Thankfully, within 24 hours KitCat recovered and was back to being a naughty kitten!


6 thoughts on “KitCat becomes legitimate

  1. Hey Kitcat. We love you being naughty😊. How did you feel once declared legitimate? 😀
    Sapana. …would like to read more. Could you post the next one sooner 😊


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