It’s a boy! (And few other discoveries)


(This post follows ‘The kitten gets a name’ posted on 15 Apr 2017)

We were reading a lot about how to care for KitCat’s health. We had started following animals’ groups and veterinary clinics on Facebook to get tips and useful information on caring for her. From all that, we gathered that in order for KitCat to be a lawful resident, we needed to register her with the local municipality. For that, we first needed to get her the mandatory rabies vaccine and then get her microchipped at a veterinary clinic. When a registered pet is found, the microchip can be used to trace the owner/s.

So, in order to get her rights protected, off we went to the municipal clinic. It was the first time KitCat had set foot (or paw) out of our home since her ‘meowing arrival’. 🙂 She was travelling in a big plastic carrier now.

We met the doctor on duty. He examined KitCat. She was literally in the ‘pink’ of her health. We were very happy. However, what the doctor said next shocked us. He said that ‘he’ was barely two months old and that ‘he’ cannot be vaccinated or microchipped yet. If you remember, in my first post I had shared that the shopkeeper at the animal market had told Vinod that the kitten was a 3-months’ old female.

When the doctor told us that our kitten was a male, I was disappointed. I like baby girls more. The disappointment didn’t last long. I had already fallen in love with KitCat. Now, it didn’t matter whether it was a boy or a girl. In fact, I am actually thankful to KitCat; because of him I realised that baby boys too can be endearing.

Anyway, it turns out that in our enthusiasm, we had reached the veterinary clinic way too early. It was just like when my elder sister had approached the Principal of our school for my admission when I was still an infant. The doctor advised us to return after a month or so. KitCat would be strong enough to take the vaccination then.

However, we were not done with the discoveries yet; more were on their way! Since, the shopkeeper was wrong about our kitten’s age and gender, we wanted to verify his breed. And that again was wrong. KitCat is a Turkish Angora. I wonder if the shopkeeper didn’t know about the kitten’s demographics or he lied on purpose to make a sale.

We informed the doctor that we had been feeding her, oops, him food for Persian kittens. The doctor said that was fine though we should give him more of gravy food since he was still very young and could not chew solid food. So that explained her, sorry, his act of chewing food on one side!  

The doctor also informed us that this type of kitten with blue/grey eyes and white fur tend to be born deaf. We were surprised, but when we started to think, we found many evidences to support that KitCat was indeed deaf. He meowed louder than the normal level, he got startled when we passed by him and he didn’t respond to sounds! When I used to return from office, he wouldn’t react to the sound of the door opening and closing. He wouldn’t run to me until he had seen or smelt me. Oops! Poor baby! That meant we had to take extra care of him.


7 thoughts on “It’s a boy! (And few other discoveries)

  1. Ha ha ha. have a nice way of correlating episodes. Me eager to get admission in school with taking Kitcat to the vet .
    Great going Sapana. Keep it up

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