The kitten gets a name


(This post follows ‘Falling in love with the kitten’ posted on 5 Apr 2017)

We hadn’t named the kitten for quite some time. We weren’t sure what to name her. We were considering Sugar and Snow because of her pure white fur. Yet, we weren’t feeling convinced of either. Meanwhile, we were addressing her with some common ‘pet’ names such as Sonu.

One day, we had taken her to a pets’ salon to get her nails clipped. They asked us her name. Spontaneously, I said Sugar! And that was the first time her name got recorded formally. On the one hand, we felt happy about naming her; on the other, I still felt something was missing.

However, now that I had fallen in love with the kitten, it was easy to name her. I feel it is easier to name people/animals when I love them. Names come to my mind automatically and they seem just right. I don’t have second thoughts about it.

Also, I tend to give several names to the people I love. In that sense, my younger sister, my niece and Vinod are the most honoured in the family. I love my mom too, but there is nothing else to name/call her other than mamma, mummy, mammu, mom, maa and aai (mother in my language).

Now it was time to honour the kitten. And, I decided on KitCat; for, she is a kit (kitten) today who will grow into a cat tomorrow. Her short name became Kittu. Incidentally, my younger sister’s toy cat was also named Kittu by me. 🙂 And to keep on the tradition of giving multiple names to my loved ones, our cat was also named Tufty because of her tufty paws!

We decided to get her registered officially the following month with the local municipality. Then, Vinod asked what he had asked me 11 years ago, “Would her surname too be Poojary?” 😀

A peek at KitCat’s tufty paws


10 thoughts on “The kitten gets a name

  1. Loved this one . I love the name Kittu, it’s adorable. I am getting closer to kittu after knowing more abt him 😃 And Prabhat, sapana is a journalist and now writing a blog, so she already is a writer 😊- Niharika

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