“Ol’ McDonald had a farm…” How many times have we heard that old rhyme! However, have we ever felt a familiar tingle when we hear the part “With a bow wow here….” or “With a baaa baaa here….”?

As a kindergarten student, I used to sing it for the sake of it, but that changed since my visit to a farm two years ago. It was a proper English farm where this incident took place.

The farm was full of goats which apparently liked to lick the exposed parts of our bodies. One of ’em came up to me and started licking my fingers and then proceeded up. I felt it was cute; so, I sat down.

Then, that goat completely surprised me by planting one hoof on my stomach, as a result of which I fell on the ground. It wouldn’t get off me and started licking my face. The goat stood victoriously over me. Singing “Ol’ McDonald” is not the same any more. 😀

Prutha Honrao


70 thoughts on “E-I-E-I-O

  1. Very well written! And might I add, what a brave young lady you are! I was particularly impressed to see the use of proper punctuations 🙂 Keep it up, Prutha!


  2. Cute story !! Goes to show that kids today think different and how smart they are 😊😘
    And then they have various ways to express the same 👍


  3. Prutha,lovely article….I wish that the budding writer in you becomes a full fledged one.

    May you become so famous that I will have the privilege of being known as your Auntie……


  4. A different thought process and so well written, Prutha. Best wishes to you and looking forward to more such thought provoking write-up from you.


  5. Amazing lines by an amazing kid!
    Prutha you have made my day as you brought back my childhood memories with “Old Mcdonald…”
    Thank you and well written!


  6. Though I spent my childhood with all such farm characters but never thought that even a the can sing “Ol’ Mcdonald”…. Hahaha… Very good imagination..
    Different thought put in very simple and convincing way.
    Keep going.


  7. Very Nice Prutha…..you have a nice and simple way of relating fiction with facts.
    It certainly brings out the feeling of dejavu going through the nursery rhymes.

    Keep it up and write more ..God Bless


  8. Hey great prutha..
    You have a good flow in writing … Keep it up.
    Picture is too good.
    Well done beta…
    Congrats to order parents 😃


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