The kitten bonds with Vinod


(This post follows ‘Getting used to the kitten’ posted on 15 Mar 2017)

While we were still getting used to the kitten, it seemed as if she was bonding with Vinod! When he was not at home, she would sleep in his flip-flops. When he would come from office and relax on his bean bag, she would climb up on him and either sit or sleep on him. It was as if she was waiting for him to return. 

She would follow Vinod everywhere. She wouldn’t let him work or read. She would crawl up on him when he would be doing some paperwork or working on the computer. If he climbed up on the stool to fix a bulb, she too would climb up.

She would seldom let Vinod get dressed peacefully for office. She would mostly come in his way. She would play with his formal shoes too. One day, in a rush to evade her, Vinod diverted her attention and quickly slipped on his shoes and left. It was only after reaching office that he realised that he had put on shoes from two different sets! My stomach still aches from laughing when I think of this incident!

On another occasion, I couldn’t find her in the apartment. Vinod had gone to sleep. I looked everywhere. Finally, I went to the bedroom and lifted Vinod’s blanket as a last resort. And there she was, sleeping snugly with Vinod! She had followed him and had entered his blanket without his knowledge!


It was a unique relationship. She didn’t feel the need to take his permission nor did she seem to care about his convenience. She just took him for granted. It was not clear who was the owner of our home! It was indeed admirable for her size and age, to be dealing confidently and without fear with an adult who is at least 20 times her size.

Vinod reciprocates with gifts. He loves to shop for the kitten. He bought her a colourful basket with a cute cushion to sleep in. She was too tiny to get into it.

*No animals were harmed during the making of my movies 😛

He buys her things off the list. When we go to the pet shop to buy food and litter, he also picks up toys, accessories, chew treats, hair brushes etc. Now, the kitten has 2 stuffed mice, 2 battery-operated mice, a stuffed camel, a toy electric car, 2 plastic balls and many other items amongst her toys. She has a grooming kit and a hooded litter box shipped in from the US!

Vinod and the kitten also bond over playful fighting. The kitten is willing to play as long as she is winning. When she is not, she quits the game, rests for a while and returns with vigour to launch surprise attacks on Vinod! She is known for guerrilla warfare when Vinod is carrying hot or fragile items. She is so interested in fighting with him that many times she is the even to initiate; she hits him on his leg!

Vinod has even observed that she occupies his bean bag before he can. If needed, she even pushes him off it, totally guilt-free! That’s being even steven for the kitten. And then, there are no hang-ups! The kitten and Vinod start afresh.

Referring to their bonding, my sister had commented, “Did the kitten come from Vinod’s tummy?” Vinod explains this with a reason. “I had brought the kitten home; maybe, that’s why she remembers me in a special way.” If you ask me, the confusion reminds me of this cartoon. (Skip to 1:00.)


13 thoughts on “The kitten bonds with Vinod

  1. Awwww this is just adorable !!! Kittu found under blanket 😃 too cute… kitcat is one lucky ball of fur … and Vinod rightly pampers him 😊 – Niharika

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  2. Playful kittens! They are often better than any electronics or TV entertainment.

    And how much there is to learn from them about simple relax 😊😊
    Nice story !

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