Getting used to the kitten


(This post follows ‘A meowing arrival‘, posted on 9 Mar 2017.)

The next few days were different and a little difficult too. A new living being had joined our family. We needed to learn to look after her and get used to her. Vinod and I started reading a lot about what to feed a kitten, when to feed, how much to feed, how to keep her entertained etc.

Meanwhile, Vinod went on a shopping spree for the kitten. He returned with varieties of wet wipes, shampoo, toys and chew treats for her! Wow! The kitten (we hadn’t named her yet) was being pampered.

However, we faced many inconveniences. Being naturally curious, the kitten was all over the place. She was particularly drawn towards thin wires and cables which she would play with in such a way that they would become useless. Of course, it is dangerous too for her. She bit into my Apple earphones barely six months after buying them; thus, wasting a very expensive accessory.

I had to change the arrangement of quite a few things. We started keeping many things in closets and shelves; even the things we needed on a daily basis were put away. Her toys were always strewn across the floor. Our apartment was always messy. I hated it. Besides, she had the habit of biting us.


The kitten biting my feet

Being a furry kitten, her normal shedding also seemed a lot. We had fur on our clothes. We felt fur in our noses when we breathed and in our mouths when we spoke! We started wearing medical masks at home. Yet, I developed an allergic reaction to her fur. This was too much to put up with.

I was very upset with the kitten. I told Vinod I was fed up with her. She didn’t even let me eat my lunch in peace; she would playfully bite me. Vinod said that he would have a ‘word’ with her! I don’t know what ‘words’ were exchanged between the two considering they don’t have a common language. Anyway, the kitten’s annoying behaviour continued. I informed Vinod that the kitten’s conduct hadn’t changed at all.

Vinod then offered me a ‘final’ solution; he said that he would return the kitten to the shop he had got her from. I felt very bad about that. It was not her fault; she was just being herself. I didn’t want the poor kitten to go back to a place where she would not be looked after well; specially after living a comfortable life at our apartment. I told Vinod that we would find a way to deal with the inconveniences, but there was no way that she would be going back to that shop. Vinod was very happy.

In the next few days, we found solutions to almost all our problems. We got a ‘keep off’ spray; our wires and kitten were safe then. For the fur problem, we got a lint roller and a special sponge-type bar that would pick up her fur from all the upholstery and linens. I started wiping her every day; that kept her cleaner and picked up her loose fur. Eventually, my allergy problems disappeared. Almost everything was fixed except for the messy state of my home and the playful biting which haven’t resolved until now and with which I no longer have issues. 🙂


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