A meowing arrival

When I woke up on a Friday morning in April 2015, I did not find Vinod at home. I thought he had gone for a walk which was unusual, but not surprising. I had breakfast and was waiting for him. It was getting late. Why hadn’t he returned or called me yet? I was beginning to get worried.

After a while, I heard loud meows. As far as I knew, no one in the building had a cat. I looked out of the window. I didn’t see a cat there either. Where could the meowing be coming from?

Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Vinod with a kitten! I was surprised and excited; but I was also worried. We had kept pets and plants earlier, but we were not able to care for them. In fact, a baby rabbit had died because I had fed it cabbage leaves. I was worried that I might not be able to care for the kitten.

The kitten was white and pink; and importantly it was a female as informed to Vinod by the shopkeeper at the animal market from where it was bought. The shopkeeper also informed Vinod that the kitten was 3 months old and was of the Persian breed.

White furry females were my preference in pets. 🙂 Vinod told me that he chose that kitten because it met my ‘pet’ criteria and also because she was the most playful amongst her siblings.

Vinod put her down and asked me to get milk for her. I didn’t want to repeat my mistake. So, we called the shopkeeper. He advised us to feed her the factory food Vinod had bought. It was made specially for 3-12 months’ old, long-haired kittens such as the Persian. We put some food (actually more than what she should be eating at that age) in a small red bowl that Vinod had bought for her. She nibbled at the kibbles right away.

After she ate to her heart’s content, we played with the little bundle for some time. She slipped more than she walked. Then, she got tired. She put herself to sleep in the pink bag in which she was carried and which was the only thing yet in our flat that had her scent. It was a very cute sight. It reminded me of my niece who too was an independent child. I informed everyone that a kitten had arrived.



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